Glendon Beach is within walking distance from us! As are many other places. You can walk to everything from here

Enjoy the warm sands!

The Sailing Cow Restaurant, across from the beach is the Sailing Cow restaurant; They have beachside dining and live entertainment on weekends. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can sit and relax on the outside patio.

The Dog House restaurant is an old fashion hot dog stand. Just a stones throw away they have a lot more that hot dogs and the food is great. You can get a specialty hot dog or burger. They also have the best fish sandwich and chowder.





Joey’s Pizzeria is across the street from the Dog House. They specialize in old style Italian thin crust pizza. They have submarine sandwiches, salads, appetizers, fried dough, clam chowder, fresh oysters from Joey’s own oyster farm and serve beer and wine.




Also we have many other locations! Rum Runners bar & Grill, Porcaro’s Market & Deli, Sand Dollar Bar & Grill and Ice Cream for those warm summer days!

Not to mention the beach that’s only a 5-minute walk away, Glendon Beach!

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